A Week of Thanksgiving: Health & Work

Today I’m saying thanks for those things we so often take for granted, until they are pulled out from under us.

My Health

I have been insanely blessed to have good health. Aside from some crazy allergies–I’ve really never had any major health issues to contend with. As with so many health issues, we often are healthy right up until the point that we aren’t, so I am counting my blessings that I’ve been so healthy for so long.  My goal now is to do everything that I can to keep it that way. For the last few years I haven’t exactly taken the best care of myself–eating a lot of junk food, and not working out regularly, not to mention lack of sleep, drinking more than I probably should, and a new found love of sweets.  Last night I started Camp Gladiator with my sweet friends and it just really brought back to me how much better I feel when I’m taking good care of myself! It hurts while I’m doing it, especially at the beginning, but it gets so much better so quickly. And I subsequently have more energy and get sick less often, and have a more positive outlook.  Exercise and diet truly do effect everything else in my life and I have to remember that I am the only one who has any control over that. So thank you Lord for blessing me thus far, and giving me the determination to keep healthy moving forward.

My Job

At a time in our country when so many are without work, and with much uncertainty about what is to come, I can’t be thankful enough for having a job. And more than that, I have a job that allows me to work with such wonderful people, both with the staff and the volunteers I get to meet. Non-profit fundraising can be insanely stressful, and working in events isn’t nearly as glamorous as many people would like to believe it is, but you get to witness the strength and spirit of people who have overcome incredible challenges, or watched their friends and loved ones face tremendous challenges, and they all come together to make a difference.  I get to be a part of the answer–as opposed to just plugging along in a job where I find no reward or purpose.  To hear the stories that I hear on a regular basis, and witness the incredible work my co-workers and volunteers do on a daily basis, is truly a gift in itself.  It’s so easy to get discouraged about where our society is as a whole listening to the news and social media everyday–but I get to hear stories of strength and love and community everyday and it’s the most amazing thing. What a blessing to work for such an incredible organization that is truly changing the world now and for the future.

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