A Week of Thanksgiving: Relationships

I have never been one of those people who has friends around every corner and has more people in their close friends circle than they can count. I’m more of a tight-knit circle kind of girl. But lately, it seems like my circle has been growing exponentially, and I am so incredibly thankful for that.  Today I am saying thanks for all of those relationships that have enriched my life so extensively.


I think I’ve probably bored everyone by now with just how thankful I am for Bear, but I couldn’t possibly go without once again saying it here.  He is my partner and best friend. He challenges me and forces me to realize there might actually be more than one way to do things…even if my way is better (I kid, I kid). He makes me laugh, and smile, and want to be a better person. I’m even thankful for all the crazy fights we’ve had along the way because I can honestly say they have made me grow and mature and appreciate just how honest we can be in our relationship.  He’s the best.

 My Friends

Oh my good gracious how I’ve been blessed with friends! I have the most amazing people who I am so honored to call my friends. My sweet girls from college, Leslie and Mindy and Ashley will forever and ever be among my very best.  It seems insane to me that we have been friends for over a decade now and as our lives have all changed so much from when we first met as young, silly, college girls we have grown together and supported each other and taken joys in each other’s successes and cried over our failures together. There are moments I look back on over the past 10 years and can say without doubt that, had these girls not been there with me through them, I don’t know how I could’ve gotten through.  They know things about me that nobody else does, and I’m thankful to have such amazing confidants.

I have been so lucky to have my circle of friends extended through Bear’s friends as well. Every time we get together with Bear’s friends, who have truly accepted me as a friend too, we have a blast. The “tripod” and, now “tripodettes” as we could call ourselves if we so chose, are such a source of joy in my life. We have taken some of the most amazing trips together, we have celebrated weddings and now a baby together and it really feels like each of their joys are our own.  I know we will be celebrating many more life events and joys together for many more years to come. And I am so very thankful for that.

Not many people can say they have had real true friendships develop through work. I am so fortunate to say that I have. From friends formed over the past six years of my career, who I may not see often, but cherish our little “check-ins” and lunch dates, to those who are new work friends–I have met some amazing people.  The group I work with now is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite groups to hang out with. This is borderline mind-blowing to me as I’ve always really approached my work space as separate from my personal life. I think sometimes in the nature of business we are in, if you don’t let that guard down a bit, you won’t make it. It is unbelievably helpful to have real true friends to share in successes and frustrations and to just go out with and totally forget all of the work stuff. I am so thankful the place I once thought was the last place I’d find true friends, and proven me so wrong lately.

How many more could I list here?! I will run out of space! In just a few days we will be hosting a whole gaggle of people to celebrate the holidays, but also to celebrate them. While I love the “party” aspect of throwing a party, my true joy in those events is showing our friends just how much we appreciate them and want to give them a time to enjoy themselves and each other’s company. And it’s selfish in that I get to spend time with all of my favorite people in one place. What could be better?? Each year there is a new friend that I am thankful for, and even more old friends whose friendship continues to grow. My thanks in this area are infinite indeed.

My Almost Family

I could’ve easily included this group of “Thanks” with yesterday’s post, but I wanted to give them their own shout out. My Almost Family, is Bear’s Family. I cannot tell you how welcoming everyone has been to me, from the very start three years ago.  And really the only way in which they aren’t my own family is purely legal. Both sets of Bear’s parents, Myrtha and Scott and David and Sandra, and really their extended families as well have opened up their arms to me and treat me as though I’m “officially” family. I love getting to spend time with them and feel like I could go to any of them with any problem or concern, or joy and celebration, and they would counsel me or rejoice with me in every sense of the word. I am so blessed to have a good relationship with each one of them as there are so many who cannot say the same about their in-laws.  They love me for being me, even if I’m quieter and more reserved and a little more shy than they are used to. I knew I had really “made it” when I was included in the Espinoza email chain–it was like a perfect little gift and meant so much to me. I’ve learned so much about family from them and how to be more open and that actually speaking up can be a good thing! I love them so dearly.  And some of Bear’s cousins have become close friends as well! We go to concerts together, we go to each other’s parties, we have jokes. ha. Family AND Friends? It’s the best of both worlds! I love spending time with them and being a part of their family.

My thankfulness for my friends and “Almost Family” knows no bounds. Again, I count myself blessed beyond belief.


  1. Mindy s

    This made me tear up! I love u !

  2. Arica Espinoza

    love love love!

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