Adoring Kate Spade

I had a weak moment last week and caved to email marketing. Kate Spade was having a sale. A BIG sale. I was down, I was frustrated with work, I was needing an outlet and I just, well, caved. Who can say no to a classic handbag for less than a third of the regular price?! But I digress…


It's here! It's here! The beautiful proof of my weakness is here!

I am beginning to wonder if our girl Kate can do no wrong. I adore everything the style house is putting out right now! She captures this completely feminine yet powerful, flirty and fun spirit of a girl we all want to know, and be.  It seems like every blog I find myself perusing has recently written of the same adoration, so I hesitate to be repetitive, but when my bag arrived today, I just couldn’t resist. So forgive me for adding to the copious coos of the Kate chorus.


subtle flirting. I have one that says Cheers!

The Melody Dress. So sweet.

Could there be a more perfect clutch for a book lover like me?! (hint, hint)

These would look great on my feet. Don't you think?

I'm a sucker for anything with glitter. How could you not smile looking down and seeing these?

And did you know, Kate Spade has joined forces with Adeline Adeline to create a perfectly Kate worthy bike! I can almost picture myself riding to work on this, looking lovely and happy (I probably wouldn’t actually look lovely and happy by the time I got to my office…40 miles down the highway…but I’d like to imagine I would!)

Are you as goo goo for Kate as I am? Maybe it’s all in the name!


  1. Mindy S

    Ahh Love Kate Spade! Your purse is beautiful and I think you deserve it!! If I had those sparkly shoes I’m afraid I would wear them everyday they are soo cute!

  2. I Love Kate Spade!! Are they still having a sale??? Your bag is gorgeous. I love those shoes too. Great Job Kate!!

  3. Leslie B

    Color me jealous! Agh! I want to BE Kate Spade! AND if I had that bike, I too would attempt to ride it to work every day, which would be a good thing since I would have to sell my car make the purchase!

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