All Eyes on Kate

So, I’m sure you’ve heard…but there’s kind of a big event happening in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. I’ve tried very hard over the past few months to find any real interest in the Royal Wedding taking place mere hours from now, but it just seemed so irrelevant to anything going on in my life.  I clearly will never aspire to royalty, not to mention, it’s in a whole different country, one in which the royals have very little actual power in anymore. Why would I want to wake up even earlier than is already required of me just to watch two people get married? …but all of a sudden, I want to.

I love this William and Kate print from LuckyBoingo

Perhaps it’s the memories of playing dress-up as a little girl, dreaming of a fairytale wedding and a prince charming on a white horse (mine eventually arrived in a tan Chevy Tahoe…).  Perhaps it’s the realization that these two people are committing their lives to each other while the whole world watches.  Perhaps it’s the memory of Princess Diana still fresh in our minds, how she surely never could’ve imagined her own fairytale could have gone so horribly wrong, and hoping for better for the young couple.

How cute are these little ones dressed up for a "pee wee wedding"?!

My mom is also a huge history buff with a particular affinity British history, most especially royal history, and there seems to be a bit of childlike excitement in her about the wedding of William and Kate.  We had the privilege of traveling to England two summers ago as a family and my mom could rattle off the most exquisite historical information about the sights and sounds of the country.  I remember standing in Westminster Abbey, where Kings and Queens have been coronated for centuries, and many are now entombed, in awe of all the history that has taken place there. William and Kate will be joining the history annuls with a walk down the long aisle.

Westminster Abbey, the setting for the big day!

But I think my interest lies most of all in the fact that the life the royal couple is heading into is such a foreign idea to me. The places we visited as tourists, palaces and castles, and the things we saw, the crown jewels (um, whoa!) are all a part of the fabric of their everyday lives. Those are places they live and things they wear. It really is such an enchanting, and dreamy notion.

The streets of London are dressed in Union Jack for the occasion!

So, alas, I broke down and set my DVR to record the wedding. But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I secretly hope I can pull myself out of bed to watch it bright and early.

While my idea of the perfect life is a far cry from royal life these days…and my dream wedding much different from the fancy china and big puffy princess ball gown…I can’t help but be captivated by the thought of what must be going through Kate’s mind in these final hours leading up to the wedding.

Will you be watching?

images by unknown, LuckyBoingo, Norma Frances, me, Ian Patterson


  1. Anna Beth

    I will be watching! Feel free to text me thoughts and opinions!

  2. Thank you for the flattery. I really enjoy my art and enjoy it even more when others love it. This wedding reminds me of when I was a little girl and my Grandmother waking me up to watch the Prince and Princess get married, which was his parents.

    • It was truly an exquisit wedding! I think people who create art and beauty are much to be admired. It’s my great thrill to showcase some of it here and was happy to stumble upon yours! Please do keep up the good work! And thanks for stopping in here!

  3. Mindy S

    I set my DVR but I couldn’t get up any earlier then normal. It’s all quite fascinating though and hard to imagine being in her shoes!!

    • It was definitely early! And if I hadn’t made the trek out to Flower Mound to watch it with my mom, I likely would’ve slept though it. It is so very facinating though, isn’t it? I’ve been quite enchanted with it all day. I keep thinking about what her day must be like. Miss you sweet friend! See you SOON!!!

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