Best Party Ever

The stage was set and ready

Now, I’m not one to toot my own horn (very often) but we threw one hell of a party this weekend. And we have some of the most badass friends and family in the whole world.

With my 29th birthday on the horizon, I’d started thinking about all the stupid, silly little things I wanted to get done before I turn 30 and one of those things was to sing karaoke. Lame? Maybe. Perfect excuse to throw a party? Most definitely. And with Bear’s birthday being the Friday before the party, there was no reason NOT to have a party. I went back and forth as to where and how to throw this karaoke party and settled on the fact that for this to really be a great party, we should just do it at Bear’s house.

Adrian & Arica rockin’ the mic.

We sang a duet.

Even my dad sang! You can’t go wrong with some Bob Dylan.

I couldn’t have been any happier with the way the party turned out! And it really was all because we had an amazing group of people come out. We had family and friends come in from San Antonio, Austin and Longview. We had work friends, who are now good friends, and new friends who we hope to see more of. I was worried people wouldn’t sing and it would end up being kind of a dud of a night, but after Bear bit the bullet and sang the first song, I don’t think the songs ever stopped. In fact, after three hours of non-stop karaoke, we scrounged up more money to keep the party, and songs, going. There were solos and duets, show tunes and hip hop, group songs and Disney songs. It couldn’t have been better.

All the boys

We are family! (even if those are the only words of the song we know)

It’s an Adrian Sing-off

A little sister Sade singin’

The ACS girls…er, Spice Girls!

Thank you to everyone who came out and graced us with your lovely voices.The Lord said make a joyful noise–he never said it had to sound good! I was definitely filled with joy Saturday and will carry that with me anytime I think of that party. The best party ever.

…and thanks, also to Adrian & Arica Espinoza, and Abby Richards, for letting me use some of their pictures here! I clearly was not on top of my photo-taking game Saturday.

…AND if you ever need a DJ, karaoke or just general, I’d definitely recommend Sick Spins in DFW. They were so nice and accommodating. We loved having them out!

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  1. MLH

    It was wonderful! Had such a great time and am thinking of the songs I want to sing next time! You are right, it was the fabulous people that made the party. So glad to know all of you who really know how to live so joyfully!

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