Car Concerts

Is there anything that has the ability to relieve stress and frustration, or just take you away to another space, a stage somewhere far away, in front of thousands of screaming fans, like a full-on belt-out-loud car concert?

I spend nearly two hours round trip (on a good day) driving to and from work. While the commute can be a bit of a beating, one of the things I cherish about this time is that it gives me a buffer between work and home. Time for me to ready myself for the work day ahead and, similarly, time to unwind and decompress after a hectic or stressful day before facing the tasks that wait for me at home.

But there are some days when simple idle time listening to the radio or having some quite just isn’t enough to wind me down from a crazy day. Those are the days when my sweet boyfriend calls and I pick up only to tell him, “I’ve had a rough day. I’m singing. I’ll call you when I get home.” Those are the days for car concerts. And not just any song will do. It has to be one of those overly dramatic, gut wrenching power ballads, or maybe an I-am-woman-hear-me-roar anthem.

photo by Adriano Agulló

I realized recently that there are a handful of songs I find myself scrolling to on my iPod when I know it’s time to sing. Songs that make we want to let it all out. Songs that I would be MORTIFIED if anyone knew I was belting them out to myself in the car…don’t judge:

As wonderful as private car concerts are, and believe me they are wonderful, there are also times that call for duets, or trios, or full on group numbers. Bear and I often make the trek down to San Antonio to see his family and, inevitably, we bust out our best Sonny and Cher (but totally not like them at all) impression to belt out one, or all, or these gems:

And then of course were the infamous OU/tx roadtrips from Norman to Dallas in college, with my Nissan Xterra packed to the brim with luggage and a gaggle of girls belting out the entire Dixie Chicks album for three hours on I35.

Don’t you love car concerts?! So I’ve given you the goods, and I’m always looking for new material…what are some of your favorite car-singing songs?


  1. Jodie

    :) I leave the house at 6:45 to make sure I’m at work by 8. Aaaand, when I leave the office RIGHT at 5, I’m home between 5:50-6:15. Also on GOOD days!

    Totally my buffer time, and totally my car concert time. Although, I do that regardless of how long I’m in the car, or where I’m going. :)

  2. Mindy S

    So funny I sing “Defying Gravity” almost every morning on the way to work. I haven’t listened to “Sin Wagon” in forever I’m downloading it now!

  3. Leslie B

    Oh, yes! Car concerts are the best! I laugh to look at your list, and I am glad to know “Sin Wagon” is still high on the list. It has such a…freeing quality to it! 😉 I am giggling thinking of you singing “I Need You Now” with Bear. Thanks for your blog! Such an amazing distraction from the work I should be doing!
    May I suggest compiling a short Concert Song List for this weekend?

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