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Tuesday Tunes: Happy 80th Willie!

Tuesday Tunes

Willie Nelson. He is as synonymous with Texas as bluebonnets and The Alamo. And today, he turns 80 years old (which, really, is pretty incredible considering the life he has lived!). So really there is nobody else I could possibly feature than the man himself!


I have had the privilege of seeing Willie play on quite a few occasions and there’s just nobody quite like him…he’s still Willie, and that voice is still just as leathery and poetic as ever…and you never know quite what you’re going to get, but it’s sure to be a great show no matter which route, or detour, it takes. In fact, on one occasion I heard Willie sing Whiskey River no less that four times…in one set. I think the Whiskey River has been flowing pre-show and, indeed, taken his mind!

If you haven’t seen him perform, you should definitely make plans to asap. Put on your boots and get ready for a good time. Without further ado, I give you the birthday boy himself, Willie Nelson…

One For My Baby and One For The Road


Heartbreak Hotel

Pancho and Lefty with Emmylou Harris

Whiskey River


Tuesday Tunes: Feeling French

One of my favorite parts of the story of how Bear and I came to be came to pass very early on when we had first met, before we were dating. At the time it was definitely not my favorite but now it makes us laugh every time. I won’t go into all of it now, but let’s just say he tried to woo me by “speaking French” although he doesn’t speak French at all! As we start planning our wedding, a number of French songs have come to mind and I just love how they bring back memories of that first incident. So today, let’s let that beautiful language dance in our ears as we set out to make it a great day.

Le Temps De L’amour – Francoise Hardy

Quelqu’un m’a dit – Carla Bruni

La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf

La Mer – Charles Trenet



Tuesday Tunes: The Big Easy

New Orleans

There’s just something about New Orleans, isn’t there? Truth be told, I’ve only been once as a college Junior, not quite 21 (but does that really matter in New Orleans?) with a group of friends for the Sugar Bowl. We had the best time and I’d love to get back there sometime soon. There’s just something about the Big Easy that elicits an emotional response. The food, the music, the sights and sounds…it’s like a whole different country with a different culture and a unique, infectious spirit.

With today being Mardi Gras, and a rainy dreary one at that here in Dallas, I figure what better time than now to let the sounds of New Orleans transport us to a sunny, festive, celebrating state of mind. You’ll be dancing in your office in no time. …you might even want to pick up a King Cake while you’re out at lunch!

Tailgate Ramble – The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Big Chief – Rebirth Brass Band

Dirty Old Man – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Percolatin’ Blues – Smoking Time Jazz Club

…and we can’t leave this one out…

When The Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong




photo by Jorge de la Torriente

Tuesday Tunes: Girls Soundtrack

Tuesday Tunes

Since the soundtrack for the HBO show Girls came out a couple of weeks ago it has become my work day go-to music. It’s such a good mix of pulsating and more mellow music and it keeps me energized and focused all at the same time. And believe me, I need all the focusing help I can get! I have to say, trying to plan a wedding while working full-time is hard! Not because it is so incredibly time-consuming (at least not yet) but because I just want to be working on it all the time! There are so many details and projects I’d love to work on all day long…I know, I know…feel sorry for me (as if!). So, like I said, clearly I need help focusing! That’s why I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tunes from the soundtrack today! Do you have any good focus music? I need all the help I can get!

Dancing on my Own – Robyn

Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bells

White Nights – Oh Land

…and of course, Girls – Santigold…I love this video!

Now go get after it!



Tuesday Tunes 01.22.13

Do you ever go back through your Shazam tags to see what caught your attention recently? I don’t do it all that often (which, seems to kind of defeat the purpose of tagging a song, oh well…) but I always get some nice surprises, and inevitably some “What did I like about that enough to stick my arm up in the air and Shazam that crap?” moments. So today’s Tuesday Tunes comes directly from a few of my tags in Shazam. Judge me if you must.

Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show

Default, Django Django

Doom and Gloom, The Rolling Stones


So what are you listening to these days? I need some new tunes on my rotation!

Tuesday Tunes: Hip Hop Christmas

You guys have my sweet friend Lacey to thank for the greatness that is today’s Tuesday Tunes.  Lacey might be one of the funniest people I know. And, she loves DMX. So what could be better than DMX singing one of our favorite Christmas tunes? Not much, I tell you.  So when you see Lacey, tell her thanks for helping to put a smile on your face, and a chuckle in your belly today. Maybe I’ll put this on repeat tonight as I once again channel Santa’s elves and go back to work in my mini-Santa’s Workshop.  Somehow, I WILL get everything done!

How are your holiday preparations coming along? I feel like I’ve still got a looooonnnggggg way to go…and I’m running out of time to get everything finished and shipped! If you need me, I’ll be locked away in my apartment working feverishly away into the wee hours of the morning.


Tuesday Tunes: Election Day 2012 Edition

Vote 2012

Not to beat a dead horse, but GO VOTE if you haven’t already! It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just go make your voice heard! WE are the government…WE are in control! Don’t take for granted the incredible privilege of living in a country where you can have a voice.

So as you head to the polls, or stand in line waiting for your turn to cast your ballot, I thought you might like a few songs to get you amped up and excited about your RIGHT TO VOTE!!!  A couple of these were suggestions from others, a couple are my own choices, and there are surely countless more I would’ve included but missed.  Any you think should be added?


Do you have any election night plans? I wish we were having a watch party, like we did back in college. Either way I’ll definitely be coloring in my map as the states come in. Man, there’s something about Election Day that just gets me excited about what a wonderful country we live in. Cheers to you, America!


Tuesday Tunes: Love Song

The Cure, 311, Adele

I thought for today’s Tuesday Tunes I’d go a little different route. Rather than choosing an artist I am loving right now, I’d pick a song and share several different versions of it. As we were cleaning the house on Sunday, the song Lovesong came on and every time I hear it I stop and say “I just love this song!” And it really doesn’t matter which version of the song it is.  Originally by The Cure, their version is hard to beat, naturally. But the first time I heard the song, it was the 311 version, which was also featured in the movie 50 First Dates, and I think that will always be my favorite only because it’s the first one I knew. It’s got that signature laid-back, beach bum 311 sound.  But then, I got the Adele album and wouldn’t you know, there that song is again. And with her voice and arrangement, it is somehow even more haunting than its previous renditions.  I love them all.

The Cure



So, do you have a favorite?


photos: The Cure, 311, Adele

Tuesday Tunes: Ben Howard

Ben Howard

I know a lot of people have switched from Pandora over to Spotify these days, but I continue to discover great new (to me) music on Pandora and love the ease of turning it on during the work day and seeing what comes next. Pandora is exactly where I first heard Ben Howard, and I acknowledge I am probably way late on knowing about him, but I’m so glad I found him, or, rather, Pandora found him for me. He has a bit of a David Gray quality to his voice I think. And the feel of his songs is cozy and fits well with the turn of the season. I am so in love with his song Only Love and am enjoying getting to know more of his music.  Isn’t finding, and falling in love with, a new artist’s work just one of the best things ever? It makes me happy.

Only Love

The Fear

His album will be on repeat in my office today….


Tuesday Tunes: Erykah Badu

…I’m in an Erykah Badu kinda mood today. It’s good groovin’, gettin’ through the day kinda music. Don’t you think?

Didn’t Cha Know

On & On

What kind of a mood are you in today?


Tuesday Tunes: Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr.

My awareness of Gary Clark Jr. is yet another example of how much more in tune with music my dad is than I am.  He filled me in on Clark’s greatness last year around this time, as we were getting ready for Austin City Limits. Dad and Mom definitely picked the better of the shows that Saturday afternoon, I was left wanting more after the few sets I checked out, but on their check list was Gary Clark Jr. And from the sound of things, he did not disappoint.  So I was thrilled when I saw that Clark made the ACL lineup again this year. Most bands don’t get two years in a row at the festival. He is officially on my must see list for Sunday.


Bright Lights

When My Train Pulls In

Tuesday Tunes: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I am really hoping to catch the ladies of First Aid Kit at Austin City Limits this year. The trick will be getting there in time for their early-ish set on Friday (darn you ACL schedulers!).  The folk duo from Stockholm, Sweden builds on a solid foundation of country music from yesteryear to create really beautiful melodies. And their voices, oh their voices. I’m certain once you have a listen you’ll be as hooked as I am.  I couldn’t pick just one so today you get a double dose of these sweet gals.  Enjoy!

First Aid Kit: King of the World

First Aid Kit: Emmylou

Don’t you just love them?! See you at their ACL set?

Let me know if you have a suggestion for upcoming Tuesday Tunes artists/songs to feature!

photo by Neil Krug 
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