Do you have something you do regularly as a source of catharsis? I love to paint but sometimes it’s just not easy to pull out all of the paints and brushes and canvas to paint for a little bit. I have found, though, that I can do a lot of emotional purging while I’m painting my nails. Weird, right?

I think there is something about the process of giving myself a great manicure. From removing the polish, trimming and filing to buffing and painting, the whole process takes a little chunk of time when you can’t do much else than focus in on the job at hand (oh those puns…). You can’t think about the drama from the day, or the big project you have to tackle in the morning, you get to just throw yourself into a truly menial task and I get such a great sense of accomplishment when it comes out well. Pathetic, perhaps, but I think there’s something nice about having a little bite-sized project that doesn’t take too much time but has the ability to clear your mind.

And since this little cathartic exercise always has me on the lookout for great polish, I’ve become something of a polish snob. Some of my favorites…

1. Deborah Lippmann: Glamorous Life 2. MAC: Impassioned 3. Essie: Over the Edge 4.  Essie: Sand Tropez 5. Zoya: Ruby 6. OPI: Glitzerland 7. China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover 8. Chanel: Mimosa

…so what is your catharsis? Speaking of, my nails are looking a little ragged. Maybe I should give them a fresh coat…




  1. ABB

    Not pathethic… awesome. And get that Chanel Mimosa on my hands right this instant. Along the same vein, we should get the martini manicure at Beauty Bar sometime!

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