Celebrate Freedom

Happy Birthday America

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the never-ending political talk, the constant campaigning by candidates and incumbents, the partisan arguing that seems to permeate nearly everything we do and get to feeling like maybe this isn’t the great nation it once was.

But then when you think of the great men and women who set out to this new world to create a country where we our freedom is fiercely defended and the liberties we have been afforded are fabric that make up the very essence of who we are, where you can dream and dream and see it come to fruition, it’s clear that we do live in the greatest country in the world.  Just the fact that we can have the discussions, and arguments, that we have so openly and freely is the mark of a great state.

So fire up the grill, throw on the hot dogs, jump in the pool and sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Happy birthday to the greatest country in the world!

P.S. Does anyone else get goosebumps and a little choked up when they hear the Armed Forces Medley?


photos from IMLS Digital Collections & Content and  State Library and Archives of Florida.  


  1. MLH

    God Bless America!!!

  2. ATH

    People might like to think about donating to the Wounded Warrior Project – we owe them so much.

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