You're Dino-mite!

Sometimes, when you’re in the thick of it, you just need a little reminder that you are DINO-mite! The next month or so is our crazy busy season for my team at work and everyone, except me, has their major events in the coming weeks. There’s really no way to describe the frenzy that surrounds the lead-up to a major event–it’s exhilarating, but it also pushes you to right up to the edge of your maximum stress capacity. So, knowing what my ladies are up against, I thought I’d give them a fun little reminder that they can do it!

What better way than with the RAWR of a gilded dinosaur? A toy dinosaur, some gold and teal paint and a sense of humor can take you a long way in the crazy world of event fundraising. If nothing else, hopefully these dinos will at least bring a giggle to the surface in the midst of the stress.  After all, if we didn’t enjoy this craziness we wouldn’t be doing this job.


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