Exploring the Familiar

A couple weekends ago Bear and I made the trek down to Austin to see Dwight Yoakam at Moody Theater and, I have to tell you, as much as I love Austin it was beginning to feel like every time we went down there we did generally the same thing each time.  This weekend proved to be different and I fell back, or more, in love with Austin.

Other than the concert, we really didn’t have anywhere we HAD to be and we got to explore some new-to-me places on our own time-table. With Bear as my tour guide, I found some new favorites!

Ready for some Dwight!

Of course, there was Dwight. There were SO many sequins on that stage, and the funny thing was it was totally manly! He always puts on an amazing show, but the musicians he had with him were really phenomenal as well.

Then we went to one of Bear’s favorite bars, Peche, which somehow I’d never been to. I’m sad to say I didn’t get any good pictures of the bar, which is such a cool place. It’s like a library of liquor complete with rolling ladders (I want one in my house some day!). I did, however, get a pic of the menu. I had the French 77 and it is definitely one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.

Saturday we grabbed brunch at Manuel’s, another great Austin spot on Congress, and then Bear took me to the Whip In. Now, pulling up to the Whip In I had no idea what to expect. But we walked in and I was instantly in love! It’s like a little market with an extensive selection of wine and beer, and not your typical standard selections. I had a hard time choosing because I’d never heard of any of the options! But everything was delicious.  And there was a cellist playing while we sat and sipped. Definitely recommend this spot!

Saturday night Bear made us reservations at the Midnight Cowboy, a cool new-ish speakeasy on 6th Street. It was like stepping back in time–such a neat place. I loved that we had our own little booth and while there were other people at tables around us, it wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t enjoy each other’s company and conversation. And fair warning, the drinks are boozy (aka STRONG)!

Table Side Drink Mixing. Love!

Our last stop for the weekend was Sunday for brunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe. Vietnamese French Cafe? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was such a perfect Sunday spot. We sat on the patio in the shade and enjoyed the laid back but still somehow proper vibe and ate some really delicious food.

It really was a wonderful weekend, just enjoying Austin and finding some new favorite places to frequent on future visits.

Where are some of your favorite places in Austin?


  1. MLH

    I think you should write a travel/blog – travel writing!
    Excellent post. This makes me willing to fight the traffic on 35 to go down to Austin again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Carol George

    Thanks for the info on Austin. I want to go down there and will definitely be searching out the places you mentioned. You are talented, creative, beautiful, kind…..should I go on? I love you my sweet niece!

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