For the Love of Packing

I truly have a love/hate relationship with packing…and definitely all hate with unpacking.  Packing is always a fun way to go through my closet and imagine how each piece fits into the destination scenery and how cute, or bad, it could look in pictures.  Right? Carefully curating a week’s wardrobe is no small task.  It also is exciting just knowing you are about to escape from the everyday routine and explore new places, meet new people. 

On the other hand, it inevitably leaves me wishing I had a bigger suitcase (that was magically also lighter) and trying to predict what I will need and what I can cut out of my piles of clothes and shoes.  Speaking of shoes, how on earth are we to fit the “necessary” shoes AND “necessary” clothes into one smallish roller board? I’m seriously considering packing a carry-on with nothing but shoes. But the thing that gives me the most worry is the possibility of leaving something essential behind. What would be so essential, and irreplaceable that I couldn’t buy it where ever I am headed? I have no idea. But it worries me so. 

I always get those last-minute frantic worries before I go on vacation. Do you? What if something happens to my apartment? (my water heater recently exploded, what if I hadn’t been there to deal with it?!) or on our flight? What if I get sick and spend the whole vacation in bed? Why on earth do these things worry me like they do?! 

So I’ve really been trying to get in the habit of, anytime I start feeling anxious, just stop, take a deep breath, say to myself “God is in control” and it works like a charm. Cool as a cucumber once again. 

What is your packing/pre-travel routine?

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