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I’m not sure why, but it always takes me a few days to really get settled into the new year and ready to start forging ahead. What an incredible year 2013 was–I married the love of my life, turned 30, got a promotion, met some incredible people–and in many ways, it laid the foundation and set in motion the year that now lies ahead of me, of us.

It seems that 2014 has brought a swirling wind of ideas to me which is all together thrilling, and a bit scary.  And while I must admit some of these ideas have been brewing for a while, the start of the year also seems to have brought a certain confidence, or determination, to start bringing some of these ideas into reality.  So much of my time last year was consumed, happily, by the planning of our wedding and when not wedding planning, balancing a heavy work load. This year I have more time to develop my creative pursuits and I do hope they will be fruitful.

no plan

So while I can’t promise I won’t take a few opportunities to look back on 2013 (especially when we get our wedding photos in!), I am eager to jump into 2014 with gusto and make things happen! Are you ready to jump with me?! Let’s go!


photo by Kalyan Chakravarthy and quote from Pinterest.


  1. sandra

    I am ready to jump in and make changes in my life. In where I live and what I do. Prayer and trust will lead me.

  2. alimackin2013

    Yup I hear you! I am ready to jump in and take my blog and my life to the next level.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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