"I'm a lady, you're a lady, you're a lady. We're the ladies!"

“I’m a lady, you’re a lady, you’re a lady. We’re the ladies!”

So I’m way behind jumping on the GIRLS bandwagon, but consider me fully on board now. Yesterday I got to spend the day with some of my favorite ladies for a full on Season 1 GIRLS marathon. It’s been said many places many times, but this is totally the Sex And The City for our generation. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some SATC, but so much of it was so unrealistic for girls my age–and really girls most ages! As we all sat there we laughed about how many similar situations and relationships and friendships and financial straits we’d all been in. And it was so SATC when the “Oh you are so [Hanna, Shoshanna, Jessa, Marnie ]” started. You just can’t help but to relate to the characters.


Not to mention it’s totally crass but honest and makes for the perfect “Girls Day In” sipping (or gulping) mimosas. The new season starts this coming Sunday night…so I either need to order HBO or find someone who has it so I can keep up!  Do you love the show? Have you seen it?

Here’s the trailer for Season 2:


  1. Mindy

    I’ve never heard of it! Sounds cute! Darn I don’t have HBO either!!

    • Katherine

      Mindy you would LOVE it! I know Season 1 is on DVD so I’m sure you could rent it somwhere. We’ll have to figure out a plan for Season 2! I miss you!

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