Going for Gold


Can you believe the Olympics start tonight?! (officially anyway) I have never been much of an athlete–I was horrible at gymnastics, and bigger than most of the other girls it seemed, I’m still not a great swimmer, I try to run on occasion but by no means love it–and yet there is something about the two weeks of non-stop sports coverage, some so obscure I really don’t know what the goals of them are, that’s exhilarating.

I love this Olympics poster by East End Prints

Perhaps it’s the fact that we all come together with patriotic pride to cheer on our fellow Americans, and not because a tragedy has befallen the country, or  one of the annual American holidays is upon us. No, this is about sportsmanship and representing our country on the world stage, purely for sport. I love it!


There are so many sports in the olympics it’s hard to keep track, but we all have our favorites. I’m definitely a sucker for gymnastics, and was excited to see that there are a number of gymnasts from the University of Oklahoma competing this year! Boomer Sooner! I also enjoy the swimming–they have so much strength and speed it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I think this year I’m also going to pick a new sport to watch and follow. Maybe something that seems more British and proper, like equestrian or badminton.

What games will you be tuning in for? Will you be watching the opening ceremonies tonight?



  1. MLH

    Dancing is an athletic activity as well. You are a great dancer!

  2. You’re right about there being so many sports in the Olympics… I thought I had heard about them all by now, but apparently not! Who would have thought BMX is an Olympic sport?

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