Happiness Manifested



I’ve been noticing lately that happiness manifests itself in my life in ways I never really noticed before. In large part, my life seems to become much more simplified.

I recently changed jobs and am working for an amazing organization whose mission I am absolutely passionate about. Not only am I so much happier with who I am working for, I am no longer commuting 60+ miles each day and it has had a tremendous impact on my overall disposition. I truly didn’t realize how much that commute was negatively affecting me.

Now about two months into my new job, I find that I have been spending less time trying to offset negative stress with activities to re-center me. I used to try desperately to find activities that would take my mind away from the circumstances that were causing me stress. And I am sad to admit that I spent a lot of time allowing my stress to take a negative toll on my relationships and attitude and general well-being.

Someone sent me an email earlier this week that made me realize I’m not writing like I used to and it led me to look at what else I’ve let go of over the past couple months.  And it really is surprising…

I’ve been blogging less (I know, you know!). I’ve been writing less. I’ve been reading less. I’ve been shopping less. I’ve been pouring through music and hunting for new artists less.  I’ve been eating less. I’ve had fewer headaches, shoulder aches, and heart aches. I’ve enjoyed my relationships with my boyfriend, family and friends more. I’ve been venting less. I’ve not been as stressed by others and their decisions. I’ve been gossiping less and avoiding situations where there is a lot of negative energy more. …just to name a few.

Of that list, it is good to have some of that being removed from my life. But others, things like reading and writing and listening to music, are things I truly love doing.  I think for so long I used those as escapes to distract me from the negative forces in my life and perhaps became subconsciously associated with those stresses.

I love dancing...just like these little ballerinas!


SO, my goal for the next few months is to thoroughly enjoy my happiness and peace. And additionally, I want to find a way to incorporate those things I love doing back into my day-to-day life. Otherwise, I will end up falling back into a place of stress and feeling unfulfilled.

How does happiness manifest itself in your life? How do you integrate the things you love into your everyday life? What are some of the things you do to distract yourself when going through hard times?







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