Happy Cinco de Mayo!


No Cinco de Mayo is complete without a libation or two, right? I’m a sucker for a good margarita (my waistline pays the price!) but I really would be content with a refreshing sangria, Michelada or perhaps a Dos Equis with lime. …and maybe some Rodrigo y Gabriela playing in the background! 

I'll have what he's having. | Stay thirsty my friends.

I’ve got a workout scheduled for tonight but I’m hoping I can squeeze in some time afterwards to drink back the calories I just worked off. (at least I’m still working out, right?!) How are you celebrating today?  Ole!

Aren't they the cutest things ever?!

photos by aforestfrolic.com and Ute Hagen.


  1. Mindy S

    Ahh I also love a good margarita! I’m with you I scheduled a run tonight but am hoping the running buddies will give into my peer pressure to celebate Cinco De Mayo afterwards!!

    • We could always sit at the bar with our margs and talk to eachother on the phone so it’s like we aren’t just drinking alone. haha. Mmmmm….

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