Happy Father’s Day

I am a self-confessed and proclaimed Daddy’s Girl. There is just something about the bond between a little girl and her dad I suppose. He is the measure by which all other men in my life have been judged. He set an amazing example for my sisters and I growing up of what a great man is.  He is so insanely smart (let me explain these 2nd grade math skills in algebraic form…or perhaps mapping magnetic fields would be a great 1st grade science fair project), but so very humble.  He is honest, and kind and virtuous and always expected the best from us, because he believed we were the best.  He can be quiet and cleaver and so silly goofy. He has a laugh that is infectious.

I just can’t believe that God saw fit to bless little old me with two amazing parents–the best parents I can imagine. 

I love you Dad! Here’s to you!

xoxo, Kate


  1. Leslie B.

    AND he makes some amazing steak fingers!

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