Happy Halloween

I love Halloween and it’s certainly not just for kids anymore. Maybe it’s because of my theater and dance roots, but any excuse to create a costume and dress up is good enough for me. What a great time to really put your creativity and imagination into action. You can be anything you want. And then to see what everyone else comes up with is just the icing on the cake. For whatever reason, this year we are having more of a lazy Halloween. I think we’ve just been going so constantly lately that we never really had the time, or occasion, to put together costumes this year. And maybe it’s because I didn’t want to have to out do what I did last year.  Last year I spent just about 24 hours straight gluing streamers to pants and a shirt to transform sweet Bear into a real live pinata.  It was awesome. Anytime anyone hit him with the little stick we made, he would throw out handfuls of Mexican candy. He was the hit (pun totally intended) of the party.  It’s all I could’ve asked for. So, since we are costume-less this year, we’ll just live in the glory of last year.  What are you dressing up as?

top photo by Ray Bodden

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