Hawaiian Dreams

Aloha! Well, this week is certainly shaping up to be insanely busy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A light that includes sandy beaches, crystal clear water and hula dancers keeping me entertained! My sweet parents are taking my sisters and me to Hawaii in July and I spent yesterday afternoon with my mother booking flights and hotels for our stay. We’ll be staying in Maui for four days and then hopping on over to Kauai for four more.

Have you ever been before? This will be my first time in Hawaii and I am beyond excited to enjoy some rest and relaxation in what I can only imagine is paradise. I would love your tips on what we should do, see, and eat while we’re there!

Ahhhh…I can already hear the rolling waves on the shore and the faint melodies of steel drums playing in the distance.

Aloha Paradise.

photos by Brian Wright and Paul Bica.

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  1. Mindy S

    How exciting!! That will be a wonderful trip!!

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