Healing Sleep

There really is something so healing about sleep, isn’t there?  I’ve been sick the past few days (thus the lack of blog posts–sorry!) and usually, when I’m sick, I try to power through and still get everything done, even if that means staying up late and getting up early, all while it’s incredibly apparent my body is begging for rest.  For whatever reason, when this ickiness started settling in on Friday, I actually listened (with some urging by Bear). I stayed in, popped in a movie and dozed in and out of sleep most of the evening before getting in bed some time around 10. Sunday I was in bed and asleep by 9pm…Monday by 9:30.  And while I’m still not completely over all of this, I do have the energy to get through the work day and stay focused as opposed to just getting through each day in a fog like I normally do when I’m sick.

And all this sleep got me to thinking…Sometimes I think we are so quick to champion anyone who stays up ’till all hours of the night, or early morning, as truly dedicated to their work and someone who is more ambitious than all of us slugs who are already in bed sleeping. And maybe it’s true. Maybe their career ambition is on another level than mine is, but I would also say, at what cost? I am really trying to change the way I think and behave and start truly putting my health and wellness first. I think taking care of myself, getting enough sleep, and eating right and exercising, will help me be far more successful in the long run than putting in another hour or two in the middle of the night.  Sleep restores our body and our minds. How can we put forth our best, most creative work, when our minds are not operating at full capacity?

Then again, maybe that’s just the cold talking and I’ve had too much time to dream of sleep…


photo by Jay Ryness 

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