Helpless to Save

Have you ever just felt so helpless and unable to save the ones you love the most? There is something so crushing about watching a loved one who  doesn’t recognize that the pain they are choosing to endure is unnecessary pain. That they have the power to recognize a beautiful world with so much promise if they would just believe in the strength they have been given through God.

I’ve probably already said too much but I just want to put this out there for anyone who might be facing something that seems insurmountable at the time. God tells us that He has plans for us to prosper and that He is our refuge in times of trouble. When David was being hunted by King Saul he called on God and God delivered him from Saul’s clutches again and again.

But we have to believe. We have to truly believe in our hearts that God can, and will, do what He says. And we have to trust that if God is with us, then nobody can be against us.

Whatever you are facing, know that you are not alone. But you have to listen  or you will miss out on the prodigal grace that God so lovingly gives. It’s there, you just have to receive it. Sometimes God’s answers don’t look or sound the way we want them to, and it can be so hard to follow, but know that there is a greater plan than any of us could come up with on our own.

I’m sorry to be too preachy tonight, but this is just weighing heavy on my heart. Don’t settle for less that God wants to give you. Think of all the beautiful things you will miss out on.

photo: Seattle Municipal Archives

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  1. Teddie Sue

    Amen Kate!! Sometimes when things seem the worst the Lord clears the fog and the sun begins to shine and the Grace of God and his hand has been there all the time we just did not reach for it. Just taking that first step in faith is all it takes.

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