I Love

photo by Nishanth Jois

1. Books 

I suppose it’s more the stories the books contain, but there is something in the magic of an actual book, the printed letters and words coming together to form something nobody else has put together before, using the same words we all have at our disposal.

2. Music

Music has the incredible ability to call up emotions, some new, some familiar, some buried deep below in a place we thought we’d lost.  There are certain songs that can transport you to a time and place somewhere in your own personal history, or to somewhere down the road, a place you hope to reach…or even just provide the perfect soundtrack for whatever you are doing at exactly that moment.

3. Art

It’s so fascinating to me to look at a piece of art and imagine how the artist came to put that piece together. What his or her vision was, intention, point of view. I can read in a book what some art historian has researched and found to be true about the artist’s subject, but I can also look at that piece and find something entirely different within it.  And that is the beauty of art.

4. Dance

Dance is the physical manifestation of one’s soul. I know that to be true because I’ve experienced it.  I’ve never had the emotional reaction to anything as deeply as I have when dancing, or watching beautiful dancers bring a piece, a soul, to life. When I think about dancing, or a particularly moving piece I’ve seen, there is an  ache deep within my chest. Because I don’t know how else to tap into that small space that holds so many things close.

5. Writing

While similar to “Books” there is something freeing about putting pen to paper and letting the contents of your mind and heart flow out through your fingertips. I’ve written about this before. Perhaps because it is the most accessible form of expression for me on a day-to-day basis I tend to gravitate towards it.  I carry a journal with me everywhere I go just incase I have a few minutes to scratch something down. Words have so much power.

:  :  :

As we venture into 2012, I’m realizing that this year is going to very much be a year of self-realization for me.  A year to take an honest look at who I am, where I am, and where I want to be.  I’m learning that I really am a soul that longs to communicate the things that are in my head and heart, but I do not have the desire to do that in a traditional conversation format.  My thoughts and feelings tend to articulate themselves in more unexpected ways, and I need to embrace that.  I need to give myself, my soul, the opportunity for expression through means that are more natural to it…I need to pick up a pen and paper, or turn on music and dance, or pick up a paintbrush and paint…without those outlets, the thoughts and feelings I have inside don’t have anywhere to go. They can’t be shared. They aren’t being used to better myself and those around me.

So that’s something I am going to work on this year.  As I continue to learn who I am, I am going to give myself the opportunity to adequately learn by having the tools to learn through.

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