Little Victories

So I’m pretty much celebrating just like this right now, and you probably should be to. Why, you ask? Because Misty and Kerri won gold? Or because the USA rose to the top of the medal count today with 81 over China’s 77? Or maybe because Aries Merrit and Allyson Felix both took home gold in track events today?

While those are all very valid reasons to celebrate, I have to say they are not the reason I am celebrating right now (or, perhaps they are not the only reason I’m celebrating right now).  No friends, I’m celebrating because just a few short hours ago, I walked out of Macy’s, where I found the PERFECT swimsuit 50% OFF (I don’t say that about swimsuits even when I’m in tip top shape, much less soft and pudgy…it really was gorgeous), Dillard’s, with amazing work-appropriate dresses for 65% off and two left on hold for me in Contemporary, and Target, where I never spend less than $50 (there were CUTE shoes on sale for $8!), without buying a single thing! I didn’t even stop to pick up dinner on the way home knowing there were things I could eat at the house…whoa. What.Has.Happened?!

I know, it doesn’t sound like much. But with my penchant for retail therapy (good day? bad day? want? need? you name it…) going head to head with my newly instituted budget, this was really a not-so-little victory for me. It’s definitely going to take some work and a strong will, but if I can walk out with nothing in hand tonight, I think I’ll be able to do this. Pray for me people. I’m definitely going to need the Lord walking through this with me! Target MUST have been the making of evil forces…am I right?

photos by Mircea and Kevin Dooley.



  1. Mindy S

    LOL! This made me laugh! I totally feel your victory!

    • In the spirit of transparancy on the internet…I feel I must tell you that two days later I bought two pairs of shoes and a dress. *hangs head in total shame* What’s a girl to do?!

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