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Love is in the air, and Valentines Day has everyone shuffling to make plans with their significant other or their girlfriends so they have something to do for the evening. To say that dating has changed significantly, even just since I was in high school, is an understatement. Back then you had to actually call someone on the phone to ask them out, or maybe even ask them out IN PERSON! Nearly everyone had dial up internet or the just emerging cable internet, but nobody would think about dating online. Oh how that has changed!

Gone is the stigma attached with signing up on or Now days there seem to be dating sites set up for every segment of the population! Is your faith a big factor? There’s for the Jewish singles, for the Christians (obviously) and for the Hindus. Is race important? How about or Really, if there’s a specific group you only want to date within, there is a site to help you do that.

So wouldn’t you be surprised to know that the very first technology driven dating actually goes back as far as the ’50?! I came across this great video on the New York Times website today about two Standford students, Philip Fialer and James Harvey, who created the first dating program for a class project back in 1959 (for which they received an A!). It’s funny to hear them talk about some of the first matches they made and their success, or lack there of.

Have you tried online dating? My aunt met her husband, now my uncle, on and I have several other friends who have had a lot of success!

Valentine by Cali4Beach.

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