Hello dear friends. If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been MIA for the last three weeks or so. It was certainly an unexpected hiatus, but in retrospect, a much-needed one. Between a trip to San Antonio, getting ready for a week out of the office, being on vacation, and then coming back to play catch-up, there were plenty of reasons for me to be away from the blog…but I really hadn’t planned on it happening that way.  I must admit, though, that once I did realize I was allowing other things to keep me from writing, I made an almost conscious effort to avoid looking at the blog all together. I felt so guilty neglecting this thing that was starting to take shape.  And then, I just, stopped. I needed to unplug and find my motivation again.

During my time away, I spent an amazing week in Hawaii with my family. I’ve never been one to really long for a beach vacation–exploring Europe or South America always sounds more adventurous and enlightening–but once again, God knows what I need better than I myself do.  I have never felt more relaxed, more centered at the end of a vacation that I did after that week.  (more on that later this week!) And yet, upon returning, I still wasn’t quite ready to jump back into everything.

And so, here we stand. I am excited to start writing again and hopefully growing this blog and developing more of a voice through it.  Thank you for your patience, if anyone is still reading, and I hope you’ll continue on in this “story” with me.

photo by Mickey van der Stap 

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