Mailing It In

I am blessed to have some of the very best girlfriends in the world, and one thing we all share in common is that we are lucky enough to call ourselves Sooners. College was such a special time in my life in that I really found the friends I know I will have by my side forevermore, and my friendships with my sisters really blossomed.

I’m always looking for ways to let my sweet friends know that, while we might not live down the street from each other anymore, they are always top of mind and mean the world to me. So while I was poking around online, I came across this post from Erica at Honestly…WTF and loved the updated version of a childhood staple: friendship bracelets!  And since our friendships all started at The University of Oklahoma, I thought it would be a nice nod to our history to make the bracelets in our school colors, crimson and cream.  Plus, who doesn’t need a new game day accessory?

Bear’s sweet baby sister also started high school about the same time so as a little “good luck!” something I made her a pair in her high school’s colors, blue and white. I mean, really, the possibilities are endless.

I will admit these took significantly longer to make that I thought they would, and I need a little more practice to really get the bracelets looking polished. But I loved working on them, hoping all the while they would bring a much deserved smile to the faces of my girls.  In fact, I think I’ll keep working at them through football season and maybe can add a few more to each girl’s wrist to eventually make a set.

Did you have stacks of friendship bracelets as a kid? What special things do you like to do for your friends to let them know you’re thinking of them?


  1. Davey Espinoza

    I didn’t get one… :(

  2. Leslie B.

    You forgot to mention the fact that these bracelets were complete game changers for our beloved Sooners! I’m convinced there’s magic in these strings! Love!!!!

  3. These are so cute! Love this idea

  4. Mindy S

    I LOVE my friendship bracelet!

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