Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras to you all! Today is the last day before the start of the Lenten season and it’s all about the party! This morning I decided to wear this amazing scarf that Bear’s mom gave me–it is the perfect swirl of the traditional Mardi Gras colors so it was a great addition to my boring black outfit. I am realizing, though, I might enjoy dressing to the holiday, any holiday, a bit too much and am on a very real, very hazardous path, to becoming that crazy old lady who always has a sweater or earrings or socks to match the current holiday. It starts out as a trendy scarf…and ends in reindeer antlers. Yikes!

Here’s to hoping I don’t become that lady. Hurricanes anyone?!

photos by DoctorWho, me, and Joe Benjamin


  1. That’s a perfect Mardi Gras scarf! I am also wearing a Fat Tuesday inspired scarf, but mine is purple with black fleur de lis. And don’t worry, I will also be the “seasoned” woman donning holiday themed attire.

  2. Mindy S

    LOL! Oh that’s so funny! I love the scarf but when you start dressing in themed sweaters or antlers eek! I’m going to be nervous!!

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