On Your Mark…

Get Set…

photo by @joethedork

This is the start of a crazy couple of weeks full of weddings, fundraisers, concerts, conferences and travel. At times it feels completely overwhelming and I wonder if I’ll actually be able to get it all done.  But one of the things I learned very quickly in my professional career is that expending endless amount of energy racing around, fretting over everything really does everything BUT help me actually accomplish the task at hand. Somehow, keeping my cool, although sometimes it takes every last ounce of breath I have, has gotten me through some of my most stressful times. SO, let’s all step up to the line, get in position, take a big, deep breath of air and….GO!

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  1. Davey

    Morning Angel. You always find the coolest pictures to use with your blog. I know my plate isn’t nearly as full as yours, but it’ll be nice to take a breather after March/April is over, no? In the meantime, I think the ol’ hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.
    Have a great week.

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