Real Magic

Mr. Clean's Magic EraserOkay, fair warning, this is hands down about to be the weirdest blog post I’ve ever written…and least weirdest for me. I seriously considered titling this “An Ode to My Magic Eraser.” Weird. Why you ask? Well…if you know much about me, you know that cleaning is just not my forte. It’s not that I don’t truly adore and squeaky clean home/office/space because I absolutely do…I just don’t want to have to be the one making it squeaky clean! How horribly bratty does that sound?

I have a deep-seated jealousy of all those people who have to have their spaces neat and tidy all the time. You have no idea how desperately I wish that was me. But it’s not. Even when I spend a whole weekend picking up and cleaning and scrubbing my place, there is a better than great chance that it will all be askew within a week’s time. It’s crazy.  I will say I think this condition is lessened (please note, not cured!) when sharing a space with someone, but by no means do I suddenly become Suzy Homemaker.  (sorry honey…you sure you want to get married?!) Try as I might, I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.

That said, for whatever reason when I got home today I had just had enough. It was time to start working on this place and getting it cleaned up. Whenever this feeling comes over me, every couple of months or so (yikes!) I have really affective means of avoiding putting away the piles and piles of clothes and craft projects I have out and I go straight to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  As I entered the bathroom, I knew I had to tackle that bathtub that I was never sure I’d ever truly get sparkling white. Believe me, I’ve bleached and 409’d and Lysol’d the heck out of it…I’m blaming it on whoever lived here before me.

But with the opening of a little cardboard box, I began to believe in magic…or, truth in advertising. Holy cow. Have you guys used a Magic Eraser before?! I’d used one many years ago and remember being impressed by it, but tonight I am all in. I’m almost itching to see what else I can clean just to see how MAGIC it really is (heck, it’s magic if I’m wanting to clean anything else just to clean it!). I don’t know what they put in that tiny little sponge that give it its powers, but can I get an IV drip of that stuff? I’m amazed. My tub is sparkling, my sinks are sparkling and who knows what is next.

It seems ridiculous to dedicate a whole blog post to one little sponge, but this is life changing and on the (very small) chance you haven’t experienced the magic yourself, I had to share the good news. Now, if only they would invent a Magic Clothing Put-Awayer I’d be set…one can dream right?

…sorry, we’ll return to regular programing as soon as I stop “erasing” things…



  1. Mindy s

    This made me laugh! Very proud of you!

  2. Leslie

    Oh my gosh! This post makes my morning!!! So funny! I seriously need to magically erase most rooms in my house tonight. Sadly, I’ll probably take a nap instead!!
    We can’t all be Mindy, lol. Too bad you don’t live here. When I want to have a clean house, I just go hang out at hers. It’s always spotless. :)))

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