Red Hot

Can we just take a moment and reflect on the power of red lips. As silly as it may seem to pine over something like the perfect shade of crimson lipstick, I just can’t help myself. While I love a good nude lip, and wish I was better at pulling off that look, there is just something about the perfect red lipstick that makes me swoon.

With one swipe, I immediately feel more feminine, glamorous, pulled together, sexy, confident and commanding.  Red lips do the talking for you – no words required.

You certainly can’t be timid when your lips are dressed in red. I am a self-confessed shy introvert, but I can always tell a difference in the way I carry myself and feel more comfortable in a room full of people when wearing red.

Make no mistake: red is not for wimps!

Now, I must warn you, there is always the risk of looking a little “clownish” if you don’t have the right shade of red.  Thanks to the deliciously eclectic make-up artists at M.A.C., I found my perfect match, M.A.C. Lady Bug. Red lipstick is like a pair of shoes: they can take things to a whole new level, or the can completely derail an otherwise to-die-for ensemble. What’s your perfect shade? Do you have tips for picking out the right hue?

photos from: TaniaSaiz, source unknown, Sienna Miller via, Stockholm Streetstyle via This Is Glamorous , J Crew editorial via The Neotraditionalist.

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  1. Anna Beth

    Oh I love this so much! I am such a fan of MAC reds… mmmm. Red lips for life! (Or at least for now!)

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