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My calendar: proof positive that I can in fact plan ahead in some areas!

I consider myself a planner, and I think many of my friends and family, and especially Bear, would agree with that designation. But for whatever reason, I have not done a good job really planning out this space and upcoming posts.  I am constantly writing down new ideas for posts, but it seems like at least once a week (sometimes more!) I find myself once again without a post for the day, scrambling to get something of quality (and admittedly it’s occasionally very poor quality!) up for you all.  In so many areas of my life I want very clearly defined plans so I know what to expect and prepare for, but the creative realm provokes an entirely different, unorganized side of me and my planner side is starting to get annoyed!  SO, I am committing to you all that I WILL get an actual editorial calendar put together for myself so that I can bring you more high quality and, hopefully, intellectual,thought-provoking material. I refuse to be someone who contributes to the mindless drivel that permeates so much of what is thrown around these days. I want to help foster conversation and knowledge and curiosity about the things around us and I know that putting a well-thought-out plan together will help me accomplish those things.

With all of that, I would really love to hear what you like reading about most. What your interests are. What conversations you want to have.  Because I have plenty of ideas but if they aren’t interesting to you, they don’t serve much purpose in this format.  So bring it on! Tell me what’s on your mind!

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