Self Realization

I, like many (I think), spend a lot of my time feeling like I’m sufficiently able to complete my job, or the task at hand, but still feel like I am miles away from being that person who others look to as a leader and important voice in the field or cause I am working in. There are also times when I feel horribly insufficient and wondering how I got into the place or pickle I’m in.  But then, once in a rare while and out of nowhere, I’ll end a day feeling something entirely different. Those are the days that stick with you for weeks, whose lingering memories get you through the less than lovely times.  Those are the days when I suddenly realize, I AM awesome at my job. I totally kicked today’s ass. And I am, in fact, one of those people who has good insight to offer and can be confident in what I have to say. I have the ability to lead and have a powerful voice for a cause I am passionate about. 

Now, I must admit I am red in the face saying such audacious things about myself. I’ve always been one to play down compliments or successes…but over the last couple years, I’ve learned that quiet confidence is a good thing.  You don’t have to go around telling everyone how awesome you are (which I totally just did, please forgive me!) but having confidence in yourself and what you do makes you feel like you are that much more able to accomplish whatever it is you are working towards.  It changes your disposition. It makes people want to hear what you have to say and place value on your input. It helps others feel more confident in looking to you to get the job done. 


So often I feel like people tend to swing one way or the other. They feel like they have to put it all out there; brag about every tiny accomplishment they achieve, every new thing they purchase, every new “it person” they meet, thinking this somehow is attractive to others or fools them into thinking you are happier with yourself than you actually are.  On the other hand, there are those who refuse to acknowledge that they have any worth at all. They play down every single thing that they do, they can’t humbly take a compliment, they wallow in pool of self-pity. 

I would like to challenge us all (myself included) to try to find the balance of quiet confidence in our everyday lives.  It’s okay to be confident in yourself and your ability. In fact, it’s a great thing! You just have to learn how to appropriately take ownership of that confidence, and find value in your contributions.  We all have a purpose in this world. Show others the wonderful things you have to offer. Own it!

photos by John Hritz and Sweet On Veg.


  1. Awesome! This came at just the right time for me today!

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