Snow Daze

As I said yesterday, Dallas was hit with one doozy of a winter storm last week–at least by Texas standards. And amazingly, we are due for more snow and ice tonight and tomorrow morning. While I did take a tumble in front of the house, it was worth it to snap a few fleeting, snowy moments.

Snow Birds.

First Snow at the boy’s house.

Snowy Lanes.

The Creek.

Juan the Snowman.

Have you enjoyed the winter weather? I, personally, am looking forward to the summer sun.



  1. Wiggy

    Are we ever satisfied with the seasons of life? It is either too cold, too hot, too muggy,
    too dry, etc. As I have gotten older and now have a strong relationship with our Savior, I tend to appreciate every season, every day with a more positive attitude. I am so thankful to experience anything that my life has to offer. I have been blessed in so many ways and did not realize it until the past few years. Do I live for the moment?
    I love your website. It really makes you ponder on life itself. I also feel good that in a way I get to know you better by your thoughts. I only wish I was an avid reader as yourself.

    • Thanks Wiggy. :) This blogging thing is definitely a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll find a little more focus for it as I go.

      And I agree…we have so much to be thankful for. Every experience we have, every encounter, every struggle, every breath, is a gift and and will make us stronger better people. God is good that way. Always looking out for us.

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