Spotted : Frank and Funny

Frank and Funny CardsThe other day I was looking around for a few “thinking of you” cards and after visiting one shop after another full of fairly uninspired goods, I stumbled upon these fresh (in more ways than one) Frank and Funny cards at a little shop called Shambhala in Bishop Arts District.

You definitely have to have a sense of humor to enjoy them, and a slightly off-center humor at that as some of them are a little irreverent, but what would you expect–it’s a card line by comics! I think I read every single card on the rack and easily could’ve purchased all of them with somebody specific in mind.

In this day and age we can all use a good laugh, and an unexpected, totally not cliché laugh is even better. I always love it when someone takes a rather tired industry or sector and does something new with it.

I couldn’t believe I’d never seen these before as I really try to keep any eye out for good stationary, but the shop owner at Shambhala said it’s actually a pretty new line–love it! You can see more of the line here and learn about the comics who write it.

And yes…several of you will be receiving these cards in the mail soon!

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