Spring Forward, Fall into Nap

photo by J. Ronald Lee

Happy first-Monday of Daylight Savings Time my darlings. I love that with our spring forward the light lingers longer in the evenings and that the warmth of summer is officially on its way. I am more encouraged to get out and run (who are we kidding, walk/crawl) around White Rock Lake when I get home from work during the week. Or enjoy a chilled beverage with friends on the patio of one of Dallas’ many fine establishments. All that said, we are going to have to spring forward about a week for me to start actually feeling that joy. 

Isn’t amazing how losing one hour of one day can throw your whole inner time clock out of whack for a good week or so? Over the weekend I saw someone tweeted that Daylight Savings Time is like a bad hangover that lasts for a week–and it’s so true. Our body needs time to readjust and settle back into the new timing.

So, this morning when I heard on the local news that today has been deemed National Nap Day, I immediately wondered how empty the office would be and would it actually be possible for me to fit in a nap around, oh 2 or 3 p.m.  (That’s not actually true. I did think that, but not until after I thought how ridiculous it is that we have so many idiotic “national holidays” in this country. Who comes up with this stuff?)

photo by Adam Baker

So, here’s wishing you all a lovely nap-filled Monday and a week filled with sunshine and warmth!

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