So I am getting this in just under the wire, but I honestly do have a very good excuse.  Let me start by saying a big, huge, giant, jumping up and down “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” to my dear, sweet, bestest friend Leslie. Today she turns the big 3-0!!!

Now why, you ask, would I be so delinquent getting a post up, you ask? Well, with the help of our third amigo Mindy and Leslie’s sweet mom Lee, we were able to pull off the best surprise weekend for her…Saturday Mindy and Lee threw Leslie a great surprise party, which I couldn’t make it to, but was there in all of my cardboard cutout glory (I didn’t want her to think I totally bailed on her birthday! It was a good diversion for my absence. :)). But I was able to get in on the surprise when we coordinated my surprise addition to the brunch crew in Tulsa Sunday morning! It was the fastest, most furious trip I’ve ever taken–I wasn’t even in Tulsa for 24 hours–but it was one of the best.

I got to spend the day with my best friends just hanging out, like it was any other Sunday (with a birthday to celebrate)…we brunched, we shopped around Utica Square, we went home, ordered pizza and watched tv while catching up and then we hopped in bed, watched a little more tv and then crashed out. We were up early and back at the airport before the sun came up, but what precious hours those were. I hope it was a nice surprise for Leslie, but it may have been even better for me.  Getting to spend a day with my girls was truly a gift beyond words.

So happy birthday Leslie! I am so happy I got to spend a little bit of it with you!

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  1. Mindy

    I’m so glad you were able to make it! It was such a fun day!

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