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Fresh Start

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I’m not sure why, but it always takes me a few days to really get settled into the new year and ready to start forging ahead. What an incredible year 2013 was–I married the love of my life, turned 30, got a promotion, met some incredible people–and in many ways, it laid the foundation and set in motion the year that now lies ahead of me, of us.

It seems that 2014 has brought a swirling wind of ideas to me which is all together thrilling, and a bit scary.  And while I must admit some of these ideas have been brewing for a while, the start of the year also seems to have brought a certain confidence, or determination, to start bringing some of these ideas into reality.  So much of my time last year was consumed, happily, by the planning of our wedding and when not wedding planning, balancing a heavy work load. This year I have more time to develop my creative pursuits and I do hope they will be fruitful.

no plan

So while I can’t promise I won’t take a few opportunities to look back on 2013 (especially when we get our wedding photos in!), I am eager to jump into 2014 with gusto and make things happen! Are you ready to jump with me?! Let’s go!


photo by Kalyan Chakravarthy and quote from Pinterest.



Welcome to February. Yes, we are a whole month into 2013 and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. If I’m being honest, I don’t know what happened but January became a throw away month for me in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of wonderful things that happened and that I accomplished this month, especially with regard to getting the ball rolling on wedding planning. And I got some good work done with my job, but I could’ve done more I think.

But more than that, I really sort of lost myself and my personal drive in January. I just was trying to get through everything and check things off my list. I didn’t take any time before the start of the year to think about what I want to accomplish in my personal life in 2013, and what steps I want to take to further advance my career. I just kept my head down and plugging along. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is SO MUCH I want to accomplish, and I simply not satisfied treading water, not going anywhere, not bettering myself and my mind and my family and my community. And if I never stop to think about where I’m going, I’ll never get there.

So today I’m declaring a restart…no, a regrouping, recommitment…to my personal growth in 2013. This weekend I am setting aside time to sit down and make some purposeful, measurable goals for myself. I’m going to analyze my motivations, my aspirations, my desires and I’m going to make a plan to get where I want to be. I refuse to live casually anymore. Each day we are given is a gift and if we don’t do all we can to make the most of the time given here, we have not done enough.

What about you? Do you have purpose and direction for the year ahead? If so, use this start of the month to look at what you’ve accomplished so far and to revisit your next action items. If you’re more like me and are a little slower out of the gates, it’s not too late to make a plan and start accomplishing your goals. We can do this together! Who says your Year of You can’t start today? Mine does…


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