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Tuesday Tunes: The Parlor Mob

photo: Jennifer Tzar


The first time I had the opportunity to see these guys, I completely missed their set. They were opening for Nicole Atkins, who we were there to see that night, and we figured we wouldn’t miss much not getting there for the opening band. A couple months later, when a friend recommended that I check out this band, it didn’t take long for me to realize 1) how awesome they were and 2) that I had tickets to see them (sorta) and missed them! Since then, Anna and I try not to miss seeing them when they are in the area. This is an older song of their’s, but I am thrilled that they are in Austin, TX right now recording a new album. So, until we have new music from them to enjoy, take a gander at this gem.


We were such groupies…Anna, me and Charlie geeked out and got our picture with the band when they were at Lola’s in Fort Worth a couple years ago.

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