The 11th Hour


For some unknown reason, all of my best ideas (or what I think are my best ideas) seem to come at the absolute last-minute. And while it’s not like they are the plans to solve the great mysteries of the world, they never seem to be things that are just quick and easy to put together. I love to do little things for other people and so, when I get an idea, I am on a mission to make it happen. And then it starts. Rather than looking at what is really reasonable to accomplish with the time given, I get really stubborn and have to see it through to the end. Even if that means staying up much later than I should the night before I have to be up before the sun.

I say all of this not to be like, oh look at me I’m so dedicated and better than you because I’ll stay up late to get things done (believe me, I’m aware that that’s how this sounds). I say this because I have GOT to start doing a better job of planning ahead, thinking ahead and working on things further in advance.  This affects me in so many areas of my life. I am an habitual procrastinator. I think I do great work, but I can’t imagine how much better it could be if I would plan ahead. Or would it actually be the opposite? Is the last-minute time crunch an important part of my personal process? Or is that an excuse?

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, right? (Tell me I’m not alone! ha) How do you all manage your time so that you aren’t always pushing the deadline to the last second? I really need some tips here. So share!


photo by Martina

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