Tuesday Tunes: The Big Easy

New Orleans

There’s just something about New Orleans, isn’t there? Truth be told, I’ve only been once as a college Junior, not quite 21 (but does that really matter in New Orleans?) with a group of friends for the Sugar Bowl. We had the best time and I’d love to get back there sometime soon. There’s just something about the Big Easy that elicits an emotional response. The food, the music, the sights and sounds…it’s like a whole different country with a different culture and a unique, infectious spirit.

With today being Mardi Gras, and a rainy dreary one at that here in Dallas, I figure what better time than now to let the sounds of New Orleans transport us to a sunny, festive, celebrating state of mind. You’ll be dancing in your office in no time. …you might even want to pick up a King Cake while you’re out at lunch!

Tailgate Ramble – The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Big Chief – Rebirth Brass Band

Dirty Old Man – The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Percolatin’ Blues – Smoking Time Jazz Club

…and we can’t leave this one out…

When The Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong




photo by Jorge de la Torriente

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