The Wait

Copenhagen 08

I stumbled upon this little vignette I wrote back in 2010 while I was going through old journals last night. It’s funny how things take on different shape with the passing of time, yet I can still remember exactly where I was when I wrote it. It is a complete just stream of thought, no editing, so don’t judge it too harshly!

The Wait

There she sits, a 20 something girl, black dress, hair pulled back, red lips – others around her wonder what she’s doing, scribbling in her journal, waiting on someone…but who? they wonder.

As she glances around the room, it’s early enough that it’s not yet busy. Though, there is a tangible anxiousness in the air. The clouds are looming overhead and the air is damp.

She, too, is anxious and a nervous excitement is building. It’s been a week since they’ve seen each other. With the weekend’s events hanging out in front of them, this may be their only chance to drink each other in 0 to shut the rest of the world out and to get reaquainted with one another.

The anticipation continues to build and that nervous flutter begins to fill her stomach.

Every person who enters seems to have deceptively similar features, though at second glance, they look hardly alike at all.

The waitress comes back to clarify, “Excuse me, ma’am, are you waiting on somebody?” “Yes, I’m sorry–he’s coming in from the airport. He should be here any moment…” the girl stutters back, trying her best to sound reassuring.

“No problem,” the waitress smiles back warmly. But behind her eyes, she is clearly skeptical.

The girl glances down on her water again. He’ll be here any minute she repeats to herself.

She catches the eye of the hostess who is clearly wondering where the other half of her party is. She gets the feeling the hostess is tempted to remove the girl from her table to seat someone else.

The room has somehow filled without her notice and there is a noticable wait now out front.

The nervousness begins to swell within her. These are not situations in which she thrives. The stares of the restaurant staff looking on, whispering about how she s taking up valuable real estate begin to weigh down on her. Up to this point she’s gone largely unnoticed by the other diners, but she’s starting to feel as though they are all sneaking glances at her as if they are thinking, “Poor girl, she’s being stood up but is holding out hope.”

As she nervously keeps checking her phone for an update as to his whereabouts she begins to wonder if maybe she got the time wrong, the location. Maybe he doesn’t actually get home until the next day. Just as she has nearly convinced herself this is the case, she grabs her coat to stand up and then

in through the door he walks. Relief floods over her and all she can do is smile. She knew he wouldn’t let her down…

photo by Roberto Trm


  1. Bear

    And then he got his a$$ chewed for being late!!! :)

  2. Bear

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece by the way! I’d like to see more short stories like this. My boo’s got skillzzz!

  3. loves. and what i love more are bear’s comments.

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