The Weekend Files

I decided at rather the last-minute to go out to my parents’ home last night so that I could watch the royal wedding with my mom this morning. I’m so glad I did! She pulled out her wedding china and we had tea and scones as we ooo’d and ahhh’d and teared up watching the big event unfold. It was such an elegant occasion…truly a fairy-tale wedding.

Our early morning wedding-watching breakfast. (forgive the poor quality and was early)


I fully expect to be in a sort of daydreaming state the rest of the day, imagining what the newlyweds are experiencing, and what Catherine’s first few hours as a princess feel like. 

*I may also be in a dream-like state very soon because the early morning rise time is really starting to catch up with me. This girl needs a nap!

Hellllooooooo laundry!

There’s nothing like starting off a weekend with the bang of excitement that this morning brought with it. The rest of my weekend will be rather more ordinary I suppose. I have so many bothersome chores I’ve been putting off for far too long.  I think the time has come to tend to them. I also have a few books I want to finish reading, and a film or two I’d like to see, so hopefully it will be a weekend balanced with need-to-dos and want-to-dos. 

What does your weekend hold?



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