The Weekend Files

This has been one hectic, crazy-busy week so I’m looking forward to a few days with my sisters and three of my best friends from college. Could anything sound better? We are all converging on the town we called home for four years (give or take a little)…Norman, Oklahoma…Sooner Nation. We’ll be celebrating Caroline’s very important 21st birthday, and trying to relive our college days with the other college kids.

Leslie, Mindy, Ashley and Me...if only we could go back to college.

I’m looking forward to shopping at some of my favorite Norman spots like Antique Garden for their adorable clothes and housewares, Shoetopia, one of my very favorite places–I ALWAYS leave with shoes, yikes!  And then there will have to be Swirls at The Mont and Club Specials at Louie’s on Campus Corner.

If only it were football season! The only thing left to do is put together a good road trip playlist–any suggestions? What do you have planned for the weekend?

Be safe out there, it’s a jungle!

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