Tuesday Tunes: April Smith and the Great Picture Show

photo by Eric Ryan Anderson

As you know by now, every so often a couple girlfriends and I get together and exchange our latest music discoveries. I’ve built up quite a collection by now and was recently flipping back through some of the cds I have stacked up (yes, they are in cd form! eek!) and was excited to find this gem in the stack.

I adore the sound of April Smith and the Great Picture Show. She has such a powerful voice, but it’s dressed in a sort of coy flirtiness. I had a hard time narrowing down which song to showcase for today…Dixie Boy is one of my favorites, but there’s not a great video of it. SO, I’ve selected two others.  One because it’s a great song; the other because it’s an awesome cover.

First, Terrible Things. I love this video!

And this is just too awesome not to share. Bottoms Up.

Happy Tuesday!

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