Tuesday Tunes: Ben Howard

Ben Howard

I know a lot of people have switched from Pandora over to Spotify these days, but I continue to discover great new (to me) music on Pandora and love the ease of turning it on during the work day and seeing what comes next. Pandora is exactly where I first heard Ben Howard, and I acknowledge I am probably way late on knowing about him, but I’m so glad I found him, or, rather, Pandora found him for me. He has a bit of a David Gray quality to his voice I think. And the feel of his songs is cozy and fits well with the turn of the season. I am so in love with his song Only Love and am enjoying getting to know more of his music.  Isn’t finding, and falling in love with, a new artist’s work just one of the best things ever? It makes me happy.

Only Love

The Fear

His album will be on repeat in my office today….


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