Tuesday Tunes: Deluxe Concert Edition

Well, I have quite a bit to share in this week’s edition of Tuesday Tunes. I suppose I could stretch this out over four weeks, but what fun would that be? There’s just too much good music out there waiting to be discovered to wait on sharing what I’ve come across. Not to mention these artists are top of mind for me right now because I’ve had the privilege of seeing each of them over the past week or two. SO, without further adieu…let’s get to the music!

I owe the discovery of this pint-sized soul singer directly to my dad. I’m not kidding when I say I get my music chops from him. I feel like we are always on a quest to find new music to share with each other, and be the first to uncover the next big thang.

Bettye LaVette is one heck of a singer. She is sassy and has moves I didn’t think any 65-year-old woman could have–except maybe Tina Turner, who LaVette certainly had shades of in her performance.  We were lucky enough to catch LaVette at the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth two weekends ago and heard her cover The Who‘s Love Reign O’er Me, which she had performed at the Kennedy Center Honors just a short time before.  She brings down the house with this one.

In a total departure from the aforementioned experience, Bear and I put on our best hipster dance shoes on Wednesday to check out a stacked lineup at the Granada. While I’m sure the fact that the concert took place on 4/20 had something to do with it (what’s the significance you ask?), this crowd was flying high on what I can only assume was a stout cocktail of uppers topped off with booze, lots of booze. We missed The Naked and Famous, but made it in time to check out part of Holy Ghost!‘s set, which was really quite enjoyable and dance worthy. Next up was Foals, who I’d heard a handful of times, but didn’t have a good grasp of what was in store for us. Let’s just say, these guys are CRAZY! Their set ended with the singer crawling up on the ledge of the balcony in what we all feared was going to be a swan dive to the crowd below. (Note to rockers–don’t jump in Dallas! People don’t stand around to catch flying rock stars…staying true to reputation, they worry only about themselves and get the hell out of the way)

This was one of my favorite songs from their set, and the video pretty much rocks: Miami – Foals

Headlining the show was Aussie synth/electro pop band Cut Copy. I must confess while I was excited to see them, I was also completely exhausted by the time they came on. I didn’t know if I had another set in me, but when they took the stage, it was like a dance party of the most interesting characters erupted in front of me and I couldn’t break away (and Bear would’ve killed me had I dared suggest we head out early). They were definitely worth the sore feet and tired head that greeted me the next morning.

Lights and Music – Cut Copy

Last but not least, the concert I had been most looking forward to was disappointingly postponed until October. Apparently there was a baby being born, or some nonsense like that. (Please note I am totally kidding and obviously absolutely support being at the birth of your child…even if it means denying my ears of your sweet sweet music.)  And so, we must resort to YouTube videos for the time being, to get us through the long months the lie ahead, until The Avett Brothers return to Dallas.  There’s nothing like a good banjo/cello full-on rock out session, so I leave you with this, dear friends:

Talk on Indolence – The Avett Brothers

Seen any good concerts lately? New bands to check out? Don’t hide the goods–share with us!

photo by Ibrahim Iujaz

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