Tuesday Tunes: Girls Soundtrack

Tuesday Tunes

Since the soundtrack for the HBO show Girls came out a couple of weeks ago it has become my work day go-to music. It’s such a good mix of pulsating and more mellow music and it keeps me energized and focused all at the same time. And believe me, I need all the focusing help I can get! I have to say, trying to plan a wedding while working full-time is hard! Not because it is so incredibly time-consuming (at least not yet) but because I just want to be working on it all the time! There are so many details and projects I’d love to work on all day long…I know, I know…feel sorry for me (as if!). So, like I said, clearly I need help focusing! That’s why I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tunes from the soundtrack today! Do you have any good focus music? I need all the help I can get!

Dancing on my Own – Robyn

Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bells

White Nights – Oh Land

…and of course, Girls – Santigold…I love this video!

Now go get after it!



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