Tuesday Tunes: Givers

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for some new music. I feel like I’m on Sesame Street and should say next, this Tuesday Tunes is sponsored by the feeling happy. But I digress. I was lucky enough to score a pair of tickets to see Givers tonight here in Dallas, courtesy of Indie-Verse via Twitter (the chance to win awesome concert tickets is reason enough to sign up for an account. Seriously!), and I can’t wait.

I was first introduced to Givers through Bear and his late night (possibly alcohol-influenced…love you honey!) need to sing their song Ceiling of Plankton at the VERY top of his lungs, over and over again. I must admit, with that introduction, I would’ve been happy never to hear them again. However, we got to check out their set at an ACL after party at Emo’s last year and had a complete blast–I’m a convert.

They hail from Lafayette, Louisiana and while I certainly wouldn’t describe their sound as Cajun or jazz or Zydeco, or any of those words you usually associate with Louisiana (read: New Orleans) music, there is definitely an ease to their sound that beckons images of the south.  The group scored a lucky break several years ago, one any band or artist would die to get, and were asked to be the opening band for The Dirty Projectors on one of their stops through LA. Wouldn’t you know, the Projectors liked them so much the offered them an opening slot on a leg of their tour. Seriously, in what world do things that good happen?! But I’ve got to say, they deserve it. You would not believe the energy these guys have on stage; you simply cannot help but be infinitely happy when listening to them.

As luck would have it, their first full-length album, In Light, drops TODAY and thanks to NPR’s First Listen (stream the album here), I can tell you how totally rad the album is…many of the songs you will already know, if you know anything about Givers, but the improved sound quality is definitely worth the purchase. I would highly recommend you grab a copy and let the happy sink in.

While you’re waiting for the album to download, here are a couple great little Givers starters to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Saw You First


Up Up Up


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