Tuesday Tunes: The Head and the Heart


photo by April Brimer


While I am more than happy the warm weather has arrived, this video is so beautiful I don’t mind reliving the cold for a few minutes to watch the glow of the light in the snow and to hear them blend their instruments into this song that warms the heart as you listen to it.

I happened upon The Head and the Heart on Dallas’ public music station KXT and was instantly drawn to this song, Lost in My Mind. Thank goodness for Shazam, right? This is one of those songs that feels like it brings people together. A song that, much like the video, you could see yourself sitting around a camp fire with a group of friends just singing along in harmony with each other.

Tonight I get the pleasure of meeting up with two my dear girlfriends for one of our semi-regular “music club dinners” to talk music and dish on our latest findings. I LOVE our little “music club” because it is sure to provide weeks of music enjoyment to come–music enjoyment we didn’t even realize we were missing. What could be better?!

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